Timo Kahlen. Experimental media

kahlen_audiodust_2011.jpg (466264 Byte)kahlen_audiodust_2011_w4.jpg (313296 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Audio Dust, 2011
Interactive sound art / net art

‘Audio Dust’ is about the beauty of noise.
An earcatching virtual object, a sculptural cluster
of sound. It is based on the image of a round
object made of artificial fur, a soft, tactile part of
a microphone (generally used to protect the microphone
from wind in the recording process). Fragments of
noise & beauty seem to have attached to the fur.
In several aspects, “Audio Dust“ is a psycho-acoustical
trap for the senses, tempting the viewer to virtually stroke
the warm, soft, ‘purring‘, abstract, round object
enclosing layers of sound. With references
to the Futurist ‘intonarumori‘ and to Pierre Schaeffer‘s
‘musique concrete‘, generating the composition of sound
and vibration with the cursor (activating sounds as the mouse
rolls over or clicks hidden, static and moving interfaces)
the work generates a complex
synaesthetical experience.

The interactive work develops individually,
is generated - always different - as the viewer moves
across, pauses or clicks at the responsive texture
of the sound objects. Roll over & click to generate
the audio work at your own pace. For headphones
or speakers.

kahlen_audiodust2010_fotosteffenharmszkm.jpg (21635 Byte)

Courtesy / Foto: Steffen Harms, © ZKM Karlsruhe
Supported by a scholarship of Stiftung Kunstfonds, Germany 2010.
Collections of Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell University / USA,
the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and the artist.
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kahlen_signaltonoise2011_w4.jpg (272894 Byte)kahlen_signal-to-noise_2011_p7.jpg (368968 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Signal-To-Noise, 2011
Interactive sound art / net art

Signal-To-Noise', 2011, relates to the history of
recording media, to the Vinyl LP.
An analog object, covered with scratches,
with dirt and sound is seen rotating in space.
The interactive sound object 'Signal-To-Noise'
relates the unintentional mistake, the deviation
from the technical norm, to the artist‘s process of
recording and playing back acoustic signals.
What can be heard, as the viewer generates
multiple layers of sound from invisible interfaces
hidden beneath the flash projection of the scratched
and ruptured rotating surface, is a grinding,
dirty, dusty static noise, which leaves little room for
the desired acoustic signal itself. The unbalanced
signal-to-noise-ratio of what is desired and what
is recorded, is the works main principle of design.

The interactive work develops individually,
is generated - always different - as the viewer
moves across, pauses or clicks at the responsive texture
of the sound objects. Roll over & click to generate
the audio work at your own pace.
For headphones or speakers.

Supported by a scholarship of Stiftung Kunstfonds, Germany 2010.
Collections of Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Cornell University / USA,
the ZKM Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe and the artist.
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kahlen_the essence of art_2016_w.jpg (178337 Byte)

kahlen_the essence of art_2016_w2.jpg (201924 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. The Essence of Art, 2016
Interactive text and sound / net art

The essence of art is to make mistakes.
Trust me, I'm an artist

As you explore the handwritten text,

touch and investigate objects with the cursor,
click at, roll-over or pause to generate
your individual and interactive composition
of raw sound. The live composition is generated
from multiple layers of embedded sound,
in real-time, always different and new. Take your time.

Flash player required.
For headphones or speakers.


"handschreiben", Ruine der Kuenste Berlin, Berlin 2016
"Experiments in Cinema", Albuquerque, New Mexico / USA 2017
"Sound Thought", CCA Glasgow / Scotland 2017

timokahlen_undo-delete_2011xx.jpg (323970 Byte)

kahlen_delete_2011_w9.jpg (249405 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Undo / Delete, 2011
Interactive sound art / net art

In 'Undo / Delete', 2011, the viewer's cursor
meanders across a white void, an empty page.
His movements generate minimal visual marks
and acoustic incidents, that seem to avoid /
to flee the presence of the cursor - as can be inferred
from the sound of ripping, crumbling, revising, tearing
and deleting of information hidden on the blank page.

The interactive sound art / net art work develops
individually, is generated - always different -
as the viewer moves across, pauses or
clicks at the responsive texture of the sound objects.
Roll over & click to generate the audio work
at your own pace. For headphones or speakers.

Supported by a scholarship of Stiftung Kunstfonds, Germany 2010.
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kahlen_drama_2011v4_w.jpg (107518 Byte)kahlen_drama_2011v7_w.jpg (187760 Byte)kahlen_drama_2011v6_w.jpg (181720 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Drama, 2011
Chance-generated flash film interactive loop (0'13")

A virtual reanimation of an insect,
lying on its back. A miniature drama, an emotional
visual metaphor - the individual's struggle at
the borderline at life and death - with
various and chance-generated outcomes,
generated - always different - by the viewer,
as he plays the film again ... and again.

Without sound.
Supported by a scholarship of Stiftung Kunstfonds, Germany 2010.
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Kahlen-Control2015-WackelpuddingSeries-w6.jpg (227001 Byte)

Kahlen-Control2015-WackelpuddingSeries-w11.jpg (230876 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Control, 2015
('The Wackelpudding Series')

A fragile acoustic and visual balance:

a plate with green pudding held, directed and
balanced in mid-air, as the artist takes control
of this green, quivering mass that seems
to have a life (and a sound) of its own.

"Experiments in Cinema", Albuquerque, New Mexico / USA 2016
Wolf Kahlen Intermedia Arts Museum, Bernau 2016 and
"60 Second Festival", Copenhagen / Denmark 2018
HD Video

kahlen_trustme2012_w1.jpg (174085 Byte)

kahlen_trustme2012_w2.jpg (174281 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Trust Me, 2012

A short, conceptual video on the way in which
mobile media, digital clouds, new  electronic textiles
and technological fashion, and the permanent,
ubiquitous,  mobile access to digital resources,
to electronic fragments, bits and pieces, might
be changing our everyday modes of expression,
of fashion and of our competitive, often archaic
(social) behaviour.

The artist himself, with the world in his pocket.
Men have always liked to boast  and exaggerate:
'Here, have a glimpse at the keys to my brand new car,
at my new house and at my beautiful wife, at all
the money I've got, and at the newest
technological resources, that I've got
right here, in my pocket ...'

Trust me.

Digital video, stereo sound
Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin 2013 /
Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin 2013

Kahlen-DigitalNative2014-w.jpg (140427 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Digital Native, 2014

Two hands searching a handbag : filled with
bits and pieces of data and sound.The work investigates
the role and effect of mobile media and the permanent,
ubiquitous access to digital re-sources, images and sound,
on our current modes of experience, of behaviour
and of creative expression.

HD video

kahlen_trojaner2013_w.jpg (249144 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Trojaner (Trojan), 2013
Scented sculpture
and 3D lenticular postcard edition

The sweet perfume emitted by the splintered,

fragmented, abstract red sculpture
- the 'Trojan' -
catches public attention, as the artist carries the object,
placed on a white pedestal, through the streets of Berlin,
appearing here and there, at random locations.

On request, spectators and passers-by are encouraged

to take home as a present a very attractive 3D postcard
of the object: a state-of-the-art lenticular, multi-layered
photograph of the 'Trojan', presenting a sequence
of multiple and changeable three-dimensional views
of the object, as the postcard is held and seen
at different angles.

This conversation piece, the attractive

and unexpected present, now travels into the
homes and offices, trespasses the threshold
from public to private sphere, to unfold
its viral effect

"Timo Kahlen: Trojaner", Temporaere Kunstprojekte, Galerie M, Berlin 2013

Turbulenz_still.jpg (14204 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Small Turbulence
(Proposal for an immaterial sculpture)
, 1991 / 1999
Video loop, 1 min 43 sec
Steam from the street, kept in movement by cars

"Timo Kahlen’s work is characterized
by a subtle perception of the natural and the
technical world. In his video Small Turbulence
(Proposal for an immaterial sculpture, 1991/1999)
Timo Kahlen takes the role of a discoverer
in a world, where there’s nothing left to discover,
simply because everything has seemingly been analysed
and explained. Nonetheless, what seems common,
everyday, like the steam coming from a sewage pipe
in the busy streets of New York, can be seen as a
singular, phenomenal event and truly become
an ephemeral, immaterial sculpture.
Always, Kahlen tries to investigate and understand
phenomena at their blurry edges: just before,
in between, besides and after the actual event."
(Dr. Jule Reuter, Berlin 2001)

This video proposal for an immaterial sculpture
made of steam was nominated for the
"Kahnweiler-Prize for Sculpture"
in Rockenhausen, Germany

timokahlen_afloat_in der schwebe1992 sketch.jpg (141979 Byte)

Timo Kahlen.
In der Schwebe (Afloat), 1992

Conceptual drawing for exhibition space
filled with drifting clouds of steam.

Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin (University of the Arts Berlin), Berlin 1992

kahlen_rauschabstand2012_w.jpg (294400 Byte)

Timo Kahlen.
Rauschabstand, 2012

Analog white noise and 'drop-outs'
both generate, (de)construct and
conceal the image in this conceptual short video.

Digital video

timokahlen_whitenoise 2006-2008_2.jpg (135061 Byte) timokahlen_whitenoise 2006-2008_1.jpg (148215 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. White Noise, 2006 - 2008

A reflecting surface of water forms the
projection screen for innumerable drops of water,
ironically recreating a signal fundamental
to video art : 'white noise', the absence of
any recorded information. Timo Kahlen playfully
re-creates the technical phenomenon
as an analog (and analogous) process

Digital video
"Directors Lounge", Berlin 2006

Kahlen-Flux2014-w.jpg (246490 Byte) Kahlen-Flux2014-w2.jpg (236788 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Flux, 2014

A river of concurring sound and images: the unorganized
sound of spectators and members of an orchestra
tuning their instruments and voices is reflected
in the complex movement and chaotic flow
of a surface of water.

Digital video


Kahlen-Out of Order2015-w.jpg (348699 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Out of Order, 2015

Out of control and under stress: a chaotic swarm of bees,
floating in mid-air, with
abrupt changes in speed, direction
and interval
. Unable to track individual bees in the
excessive chaotic flow of the swarm, the viewer's sense of loss
of control, of stress, is augmented by the unsettling
loss of clearly defined visual contours, however slight
and created by the disalignment of the red, green and
blue components of the video image, and by the video's
subtle composition of harsh cutting and whirring,
potentially aggressive and unsettling, droning sounds
of what seems a disoriented, possibly polluted
swarm of bees under pressure.

HD video

kahlen_yesno_2011w.jpg (44772 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. YesNo, 2011

Are we still compatible with the
technological and political systems
we live in ?
Or in need of a change ?
Yes. No. Maybe

Timo Kahlen’s interactive net art work
YesNo (2011) is online, again in 2016. Search, investigate,
roll over and click  a seemingly indifferent, inactive,
monochrome white surface with the mouse cursor
to generate embedded sound
and hidden text.

Re-released and reviewed on neural.it in 2016.
Web Biennial, Turkey 2017.
Flash player required.


kahlen_source2017_w.jpg (37178 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. / source / (postfactual), 2017

Change of values ?
Search, roll over and click at
a seemingly void, white monitor
with the mouse cursor
to discover and discard
potential '
facts' in real-time

Timo Kahlen’s interactive net art work
was released on January 20, 2017 or later.

According to rumors, however, the work
was already visible and audible before.
This is alternatively true.

Multiple embedded layers of sound and generative text.
For speakers or headphones. Flash player required.
Please, enable Flash in your browser or on your laptop.

Not visible on Android and iOS


Honorary Mention at "What's the Net Listening To ?"
("Was hoert das Netz ?") prize question of the Junge Akademie
at Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
and Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, Berlin 2017.
Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival, Mongolia 2017.
"Was hoert das Netz ?", presentation of prize winners, ZKM Karlsruhe 2017

Kahlen-Online2014-w2.jpg (111898 Byte) Kahlen-Online2014-w4.jpg (119765 Byte)

Timo Kahlen.
Online, 2014

Data flow of our times.
The video shows the reflection
of a green data cable or a pipeline
that seems to transform, to pulse, to expand
with the flow of the data and the sound
it carries, sending and receiving
bits and bytes of unintelligible
and invisible online information.

HD video

kahlen_numbers2013_v4w.jpg (136874 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Numbers, 2011 or 2013
Interactive net art / sound art

Thank God! At least, in the midst of all the
financial crisis and accelerating digital change,
it’s numbers that we can rely on, numbers

that will be safe and sound.

Timo Kahlen’s new interactive
sound and net art work 'Numbers'

was created in 2011, or 2013.

Click & roll over to generate the interactive work. Turn up your speakers.
Not visible on Android and iOS. Flash player required.


kahlen_fromscratch_2011.jpg (647613 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. From Scratch, 2011
Interactive sound art / net art

‘From Scratch’, an homage to the fragility
and transience of all life, presents the ephemeral surface
of thin ice. As if walking on a brittle, fragile surface,
the viewer encounters splintering, slushing,
cascading sequences of sound, as he moves the
cursor and mouse across the interactive surface
at his own, individual pace. Thus, the work develops
individually, is generated live as the viewer moves across,
pauses or clicks at the responsive texture
of the sound object.

Roll over & click to generate
the interactive sound art / net art work
at your own pace. For headphones or speakers.

Supported by a scholarship of Stiftung Kunstfonds, Germany 2010.
Not visible on Android and iOS. Flash player required.


Kahlen-Moorlake2014-w.jpg (463859 Byte)

Kahlen-Wasserlinie2014-w6.jpg (231370 Byte)    Kahlen-Wasserlinie2014-w9.jpg (220878 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Wasserlinie (Water line), 2014

The vehement, sometimes intimidating
sound of the artist gurgling water
and splintered, eroded particles of soil
is set in contrast to the aesthetic play
of a reflecting surface of water,
slowly rising.

HD Video
and related series of photographs

Kahlen-DAYLIGHT2014-w4.jpg (100080 Byte)  Kahlen-DAYLIGHT2014-w3.jpg (106575 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Daylight, 2014

The clicking, flickering, buzzing sound of neon lights,
on and off, structures this short conceptual video,
which - in a very minimalistic way - reveals why the
glaring, glowing daylight of neon lights in the studio
or business is in no way comparable to
the changing intensity, movement, temperature,
color and hue of the open sky.

To be projected in a room with neon lights.

HD Video
"Tráverse Video Festival", Toulouse 2015

Kahlen-DieFarbeMeinerAugen2014-w2.jpg (66162 Byte)  Kahlen-DieFarbeMeinerAugen2014-w5.jpg (105411 Byte)  Kahlen-DieFarbeMeinerAugen2014-w4.jpg (105848 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Die Farbe meiner Augen
(The Colour of my Eyes), 2014

The various colours of my eyes are generated with eyes shut:

sitting in the sun and gazing at the sky - with eyelids firmly closed.

Digital video


Kahlen-Gravity2009-2014w5.jpg (104748 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Gravity, 2009 - 2014

An homage to the unspectacular: the image
of the full moon, caught and glowing
in the branches of a tree - distracting our attention
away from the busy vernissage of
contemporary modern art, forming not more than
the acoustic backdrop for the scene.

Digital video

video2.jpg (19288 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

Junger Mond (Young Moon),1993 -1999

An immaterial sculptural process :
the moon caught / burning itself
into the branches of a tree

Analog videotape. "Timo Kahlen: Liquid Light", Galerie im Parkhaus / Berlin 2000

kahlen_lowlight1999_w.jpg (221271 Byte) Kahlen-LowDefinition2014-w6.jpg (126477 Byte) Kahlen-LowDefinition2014-w5.jpg (121951 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Low Definition (Time Frame), 2014
Low Light,1991 -1999

Remaining light at dusk projects into a room,
covering the white walls with ephemeral curtains
of colored hues, of tinted nuances of grey.
The two works capture a small time frame at dusk,
shortly before the light fades away.

HD video 2014 / Analog video 1991 - 1999

timokahlen_sprengen_2.jpg (137563 Byte)

timokahlen_sprengen_1.jpg (176386 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Liquid Light, 1989 / 1999

Ephemeral, moving sculpture of light

(found) beneath a tree

Analog video, stereo sound
"Timo Kahlen: Liquid Light", Galerie im Parkhaus / Berlin 2000

wpe1A.jpg (14238 Byte)  kahlen_divergenz1994-2000_w.jpg (269949 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Divergenz (Divergence), 1994 / 2000

Lost in translation. An ambivalent approach
to mimesis: the stereoscopic image of a tree,
red and blue images slowly disintegrating,
and second-hand, scientific descriptions
of birds' songs, read aloud by the artist from
a bird-watcher's book, gain abstract qualities.
Both visual and linguistic models serve as
(and prove to be) fragile references to
the natural setting.

"Timo Kahlen: Staubrauschen", Galerie Pankow / Berlin 2000
Analog video tape, 1:50 min

Rasenstück_ 2.jpg (16231 Byte)       Rasenstück_1.jpg (19241 Byte)

Timo Kahlen.
Rasenstück, 2002
Video installation / projection
4 Min 42 Sec / Loop, stereo

Exactly five hundred years after
Dürer’s aquarell drawing of a piece
of grass (Großes Rasenstück, 1503 / Vienna),
the video projection shows several pieces of lawn,
cut out and isolated in a white background,
a still life immensely enlarged in scale.
The sound of crickets creates a tranquil, natural
background. But every once in a while, the image
is disrupted by the strong vibration of cars and lorries
that can be heard rushing by. Modern nature, however,
seems to remain stoical, unmoved
and unimpressed.

"Timo Kahlen: Zewidewit Zizidaeh", Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin 2002
"Natural Affairs", Quadrart Dornbirn 2015

kahlen_carpediem_2011v.jpg (492711 Byte)kahlen_emission_2009_w2.jpg (173773 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Carpe Diem, 2011
Interactive sound art / net art

An image of vanitas, a ripe yellow fruit (a quince),
showing first signs of deterioration, decomposition
and mold, is at the base of the work 'Carpe Diem' (2011)
by Timo Kahlen. The soft, fragile surface
of the object is enclosed by particles of possibly
organic noise and vibration, activated by the viewer
as he moves his cursor across the responsive,
interactive texture of the sounding object.

The interactive work develops individually,
is generated - always different - as the viewer
moves across, pauses or clicks at the responsive
texture of the sound objects. Roll over & click to generate
the live audio composition at your own pace.
For headphones or speakers.

Supported by a scholarship of Stiftung Kunstfonds, Germany 2010.
Not visible on Android and iOS. Flash player required.


kahlen_akanthus2001_w.jpg (173351 Byte)Akanthus3.jpg (12180 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Divergence II, Guernsey 2001
Installation and video

An isolated akanthus leaf animated
by the wind of an electrical fan. How do
technology and visual media change and
redefine our perception of nature ?

International Artist in Residence Programme
the gallery, Guernsey 2001

Kahlen-Resonant2014WoodpeckerSeries-w8.jpg (268722 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

Resonant (Woodpecker Series), 2014

Homo ludens:
How we play with and interpret the natural world.
The video shows a mechanical
toy woodpecker, made in Germany
in the 1950s and 60s.

HD video

kahlen_schaerfeundfall1987_w2.jpg (226789 Byte)Schärfeun(d)fall 1987.jpg (55998 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
(On Gravity), 1987

The artist testing gravity:
standing beneath an apple tree,
dropping an apple: again and again

Analog video tape

kahlen_ueberdasdenken1988_w2.jpg (214221 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Über das Denken
(On Thinking), 1987

The artist concentrating intensively
on the concept of an apple.
Various distractions and
technical drop-outs interfere

Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin (University of the Arts Berlin), 1987
Diecidue Arte, Milano 1991 etc.
Analog video tape

Kahlen_Yawning1998-2009.jpg (22762 Byte) Kahlen_Yawning1998-2009.jpg (22762 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

Gähnen (Yawning), 1998
Video installation

A subtle psycho-aesthetical trap

for our senses: triggering off our innate
natural reflexes, the video installation shows
the artist on various monitors, inactively
and passively gazing at the viewer,
spontaneously y
awning, again and again.

Analog video tape. Prototype of work first installed in 1998
Re-installation shortlisted for ISEA 2009, Belfast
Wolf Kahlen Intermedia Arts Museum, Bernau 2016

kahlen_rotation1993_w.jpg (173923 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Rotation, 1992 - 94

Series of rotating sculptures :
experiments on the visual dissolution
of the object

Analog video tapes

Kahlen-Variable2014-w.jpg (132955 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Variable, 2014

The video investigates the interaction of nature,
man and machine. The mechanical rotation of a fruit
- a quince - in a blank, white setting
seems to be triggered by and correlated with
the sound and the speed of heavy traffic
passing by, clearly audible in the video, yet invisible
to the viewer. The visual dissolution created
by the forced rotation of the natural object
increases as more cars accelerate
to rush by, creating a process of
ambivalent interaction and mutual dependency
of the natural and the mechanized world
-- interrupted by only few manual interventions
by the artist to slow down the process.

Digital video


kahlen_inreturn2010_w.jpg (173890 Byte)kahlen_nachvermeer2010_w.jpg (133646 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

Nach Vermeer / In Return, 2010

An homage to the concept of 'frozen' time
in Vermeer's 'Milk Maid', 1658-1660.
In this silent movie, the process of pouring milk
from a pitcher is deconstructed, delayed,
disected and reversed to suit the new medium

Digital video
"Timo Kahlen : Katharsis", Ruine der Kuenste Berlin 2017

timokahlen_audio tape sculpture 1996.jpg (186333 Byte)

kahlen_audiotapesculpture1996_w.jpg (168621 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Schwarzes Rauschen (180 min of Wind)
from the series of audio tape sculptures, 1996

A curtain of 'wind' recorded on tape.
And lines of audio tape, installed in
an open window : forming a visual 'screen'
of multiple horizontal lines interacting,
interfering and flickering - like 'white noise' -
in the draft of the open window

University of the Arts / Hochschule der Künste Berlin, 1996

kahlen_cinch2001_c.jpg (182097 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

Cinch, 2001

Gained in translation:
a percussive sequence of abstract information
and visual 'drop-outs' is created
by sound data inserted into the video input
of a video monitor, initially by mistake.

Digital video, based on earlier experiments

kahlen_vorläufer2012_w.jpg (197437 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

(Predecessors), 2012

Creative support and inspiration:
a series of sound sculptures resembling
walking sticks, based on soundtracks
by Mozart, Cage, the Beatles and Russolo

Work in progress

Kahlen-Waves2014-w1.jpg (223707 Byte) Kahlen-Waves2014-w7.jpg (166674 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Waves, 2014

Tentacles, like antennae, protrude from a fluctuating surface
of water. The tentacles seem to project or to decipher
interfering waves of sound filling the air.

HD video

kahlen_gezeiten1999_w.jpg (193665 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Gezeiten, 1999

Urban phenomenae, steam from the streets of New York,
air inhaled and exhaled from air conditioning,
heating and refridgeration are juxtaposed
with the
rise and fall of tides, with ebb and flow.
The video defines the city as a living organism.

Analog video tape, projected on suspended bedsheet
"Timo Kahlen: Liquid Light", Galerie im Parkhaus, Berlin 2000

kahlen_vertical2001_w2.jpg (188755 Byte)             kahlen_inverse2001_w.jpg (177255 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

Vertical, 2001 and Inverse, 2001

The site-specific video installation 'Vertical',
realized as part of the 2001 residency at 'the gallery'
in St. Peter Port on the Channel island of Guernsey,
reflects on the gallery's immediate location
and environment.

It projects the view of the horizon at sea
- the dominant visual lead defining and
encompassing the island - into the gallery
space, while readjusting it by 90°.
The video projection shows the horizon
as a changeable, moving, jagged vertical line.

In the video installation 'Inverse' (simultaneously
installed at 'the gallery', Guernsey 2001),
waves at sea - seen inverted, upside down - produce
unseen arabesques, plunging and imploding in space.

From a series of video installations presented at
the gallery, Guernsey 2001. Courtesy International Artist in Residence Programme,
the gallery, St. Peter Port / Guernsey 2001

Kahlen-MoreOrLess2014-w1.jpg (270870 Byte) Kahlen-MoreOrLess2014-w2.jpg (208667 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

More or Less, 2014

Light and dark, inverted, float across the rough,
coarse concrete studio floor, seem to erode or deposit,
to burn into the concrete surface. Ephemeral light and solid
matter, figure and background, interact :
sometimes more, sometimes less.

HD Video

kahlen_lichtstaub1987-1996_w.jpg (198574 Byte)

Timo Kahlen

Lichtstaub, 1996

Series of black-and-white photographs
of hands filled with light and dust.

Compare Timo Kahlen's invention
of ephemeral "
Phosphorus Photographs"
in 1987:
the processual, ephemeral recordings of transient
photographic images on a photographic screen
covered with phosphorescent dust,
installed in the dark of the camera
and 'carrying' light for just a few minutes

kahlen_non_video_1990_2000w_w.jpg (79161 Byte)

Timo Kahlen.
non video, 1990

An ephemeral work: the glaring light
of a 2000 Watt light bulb illuminates a small piece
of blackened photo paper, pinned to the wall.
Blinded by the intense light, the viewer carries the image
- the 'blind spot' - in his vision for the next few minutes

Installed at "Mondfinsternis",
Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin, Berlin 1990

Kahlen-Drift2015-WackelpuddingSeries-w.jpg (272916 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Drift, 2015
from: 'The Wackelpudding Series'

A still life
of a plate set on a table;

but soon the green volume of pudding
begins to drift and shiver, to shake violently at times,
while plate and surface beneath remain visibly unchanged.
Simultaneously, from the off, the sound of sliding,
dragging or pushing some invisible object from A to B
can be heard. Yet, this bigger part of the picture remains
invisible to the eye - and the reason for the
irrational and unexpected movement of the pudding
can only be inferred.

HD video

kahlen_tanzf2fliegen_2005_w2.jpg (15228 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Tanz für zwei Fliegen
(Dance for Two Flies), 2005

Silent video recording of
two flies rotating, struggling, dancing
on the vibrating membrane of a loudspeaker.
Anticipates the kinetic sound sculpture
'Dance for Insects' of 2010

Courtesy Ruine der Künste Berlin 2005 /
Stiftung Starke Berlin 2010 / "The Unknown": Mediations
Biennale Poznan 2012 / ZKM Karlsruhe 2012-13

timokahlen_everythingwillbealright_2009 neon ruinederkuensteberlin.jpg (158645 Byte)

Timo Kahlen
Everything Will Be Alright, 2008

Proposal for a re-assuring neon lettering
on the tortured, ruptured historical facade
of the Ruine der Kuenste Berlin,
a building bomb-shelled and punctured
by gunshot in World War II:
since 1985 a private exhibition space
'for material and immaterial arts' in Berlin

Courtesy Ruine der Kuenste Berlin, Berlin 2008

kahlen_migrtaion_2016_w8.jpg (85351 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. migrtaion, 2016
Interactive sound and text / net art

The sound of displacement.
Roll over with the cursor
to genenerate embedded sound
and to read between the lines.
Based on a merry-go-round tune.

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Interview in Digital America, issue 9, 2017
Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival, Mongolia 2017
Deutscher Kuenstlerbund, Berlin 2017


kahlen_ichsehewaswasdunichtsiehst_w.jpg (226495 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. Ich Sehe Was,
Was Du Nicht Siehst
, 2010
(I Can See Something That You Can't See)

The short-listed public commission, a series of
anamorphotic wallpaintings relating to our five senses
(seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching)
can only be decoded from certain vantage points
in the building: located at children's eye level.

Short-listed proposal for a public commission at a primary school, Berlin 2010

kahlen_unstable_2017_w8.jpg (38145 Byte)

Timo Kahlen. unstable, 2017
Interactive net art

An exploration of unstable media.
The viewer's cursor seems to lose control
of the game that is being played.

No obvious rules seem to persist.
The viewer does generate minimal visual
marks and acoustic incidents, but these
seem to avoid the presence of the cursor
on a blank monitor.

The interactive net art work is generated
- always different - as the viewer
moves across, pauses or clicks at
the responsive surface of the projection

"Timo Kahlen : Katharsis", Ruine der Kuenste Berlin 2017
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Timo Kahlen studied
experimental photography and media art
with Professor Dieter Appelt at the Hochschule
der Kuenste (now University of the Arts) in Berlin
and holds a Meisterschüler (MFA) degree since 1993.

His earliest video tapes and video installations
date to the mid-1980s. In the following years, Kahlen
held a Lectureship for Visual Media and Video Art
at the fine arts departments of the Hochschule
der Kuenste Berlin in cooperation with the
Humboldt-Universitaet Berlin from 1993 to 1998
and has continued to teach experimental media art
for nearly 20 years, to the present.

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